Oleg again among top pilots! 2007-01-16

The current hang gliding World Champion Oleg Bondarchuk from Ukraine flying a Combat L 13 won the third place at 2007 Forbes Flatlands international competition, that took place in Australia from 3rd to 10th of January.
80 pilots from all around the world participated in the comps. Due to excellent weather conditions there were 6 valid days. To complete the routes from 126.6 to 237.1 km both the pilots and the gliders had to do their best, and the contest between the leaders was very hot.
Congratulations to Oleg! We wish him all the best at his next competition in Florida in April!

To read Oleg’s article about flying a Combat L please click here: www.aeros.com.ua/structure/hg/cbt_en.php

Photos by William OlivePhotos by William Olive