We are happy to introduce you FUEGO - our new wing of 2007 2007-03-07

Aeros Fuego is a new Cross Country machine built on the compromise of reasonable safety and high flying characteristics.
Aeros Fuego intended for a wide group of pilots with growing abilities, who perfects themselves in a Cross Country flights and need a reliable guide into an exciting world of flying.

Safety of this wing approved by European Certification EN.

Aeros Fuego 27 and Aeros Fuego 29 obtained class EN C according to EN 926-2:

- Aeros Fuego 27 min weight 19A /1B/3C, max weight 18A /2B/3C;

- Aeros Fuego 29 min weight 21A /1B /1C, max weight 18A /3B /2C.

Fuego also passed structural (static) and shock load tests by EN 926-1

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