Aeros Distributors Meeting 2007-03-30

Traditional annual Aeros Distributors Meeting was held for the second time in Eisenach, Germany on the 16th of March 2007.

Aeros distributors from European countries and the representatives of Aeros and Aeros-Europe gathered to summarize the activity of Aeros in 2006 and to discuss the policy of the company for the season 2006. The director of Aeros Company Alexander Voronin, the chief designer Sergey Drobyshev, world champion in hanggliding Oleg Bondarchuk and others were present. Due to unfavorable weather conditions at the weekend on the 17th-18th of March, the dealers had plenty of time to receive technical information necessary for effective customer service from Aeros specialists and to exchange their experience of distributing Aeros products in different countries.

Aeros Distributors Meeting was an important step towards improving the customer service throughout Europe.

Aeros Distributors Meeting in progress.
Even bad weather can be an advantage: the distributors are learning more about Aeros wings from highly qualified Aeros specialists.
Aeros chief designer Sergey Drobyshev is showing an Aeros2 trike
Oleg Bondarchuk: hang glider World Champion and Aeros designer.