News from Japan 2007-04-14

Aeros hang gliders are becoming more and more popular in Japan, and Aeros pilots performed excellently at the beginning of the 2007. Here are the news from several Japanese competitions.

The Kinokawa Sky Grandprix was completed with three valid tasks. There were 4 Combat L pilots among the top ten, and Mr. Koji Daimon on a Combat L 13 took the first place. Miss Akari Kamine flying a Combat L 12 won the competition in the women class.

At the West Fuji Japan classic there were three valid tasks, too. In the top ten 4 pilots were flying Combat L, and Mr. Koji Daimon became the winner. Mrs. Minako Kawaguchi on a Discus 12 was the first among the women.

Mr. Otake flying a Combat L 12 won the University student championship, which took place in March.

And only a few weeks ago Japan National Hang Gliding Championship was finished, in which Mr. Koji Daimon on his Combat L 13 took the third place. In the women class, Miss. Kanako Ushio flying a Discus 12 won the second place.

Congratulations to Aeros pilots!

Miss Kanako Ushio (the 2d place among the women at the Japan Nationals) The winners of the Japan Nationals. From the leftside: Miss Akiko Suzuki - women 3rd;Mister Hiroshi Suzuki - overall 2nd;Mister Minoru Kato - overall 1st; Mister Koji Daimon - overall 3rd; Miss Akari Kamine - women 1st; 
Miss Kanako Ushio - women 2nd