The Aeros Demo Days before and after Pre Europeans. 2007-05-31

Dear pilots,

We invite you to test fly the Aeros hang gliders during the next Aeros Demo Days that are taking place on:

June 14, 15 Greifenburg, Austria, before the Pre Europeans,
June 25, 26 Greifenburg, Austria, after the Pre Europeans,
June 28, 29 Ruhpolding, Germany, before the German Open,
July 07, 08 Ruhpolding, Germany, after the German Open,

The next gliders are for you to test:
Combat L 12 07, Combat L 12 06,

Combat L 13 07,
Combat L 14 07, Combat L 14 06,
Combat L 15 07,
Discus 14,
Discus 15 B

You can learn more about the Aeros gliders from current World Champion Oleg Bondarchuk,
from Primoz Gricar, Tomas Pellicci and Sergei Semenov.
You can book a test flight now:
All gliders are for sale.
During the Pre Europeans and German Open competition the Aeros pilots will be provided with proper service including spare parts and any repairs if needed. Please contact us now if you need something special.