Oleg’s Accident 2007-07-04

All hanggliding community can take off hats to Oleg’s mastership, the rumours about his accident are spreading very fast and all pilots, especially the friends, are worrying about him. What has happened in fact?

It happened during the training flights near the Spitzkegel between Weissensee and Hermargor (Carinthia), on Monday, few days after the Pre-Europeans. Oleg was on straight glide with flight speed of 70-80 km/h when he got in an extreme turbulence like a wind share zone. Oleg suffered internal belly injuries from his speed bar hitting him on the fall. The impact was very strong, most probably he broke the speed bar with his stomach. Oleg used the rescue system and consequently had a safe and soft landing with the rescue chute.

The helicopter was searching for Oleg quite a long time, because its coordinator doesn’t speak English. The helicopter was directed with help of Aeros Europe staff in Eisenach.

At the moment Oleg is staying in hospital in Austria, he has left the intensive care already and is getting better. The doctors promise to let him go home at the next week.

All Aeros team is praying for his soonest recovery and hopes to hear the story in detail personally from Oleg.