Skyranger has become the World Champion for the fifth time! 2007-09-03


The 11th FAI World Microlight Championship 2007 took place at Usti nad Orlici (the Czech Republic) on August 18th to 25th. Paul Dewhurst and Francis Paul Welsh from Great Britain flying Skyranger have become the Champions in RAL2 category (landplanes with movable aerodynamic control flown with two persons). In the top ten there are two more Skyrangers: G.Yuval and T.Naaman from Israel took the ninth place, and J.Aynie and L.Virelaude from France are on the tenth one.
In the team competition, the Czechs won the first place, the British are the second and the French took the third place.

Congratulations to the winners!

The results of the Championship can be found at: