Certified family of Combat is up! 2007-10-09

The current modification of our best competition hang glider Combat L 07 has been approved by BHPA – British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. The most popular sizes Combat L 07 13, Combat L 07 14 and Combat L 07 12 successfully passed the certification tests this year. The routine paper work has been completed and on the 20th of September hang gliders obtained BHPA Airworthiness Certificates of Type Compliance with the following certificate numbers:

Combat L 07 12 – 0709173;
Combat L 07 13 – 0709171;
Combat L 07 14 – 0709172.

Hang gliders of Combat L 07 series will be kept as basic competition configuration for 2008 season. It is not a secret that Aeros never stops improving its hang gliders. The refinements, which don’t compromise the certification, will be carried on in Combat L 07 design in 2008.

Fly Aeros’ top performance certified Combat L 07!