Aeros at Icare Expo 2007-10-12

The 34th Coupe Icare took place in St Hilaire de Touvet-Lumbin, France, from the 20th till the 23rd of September.
Nice sunny weather welcomed lots of visitors.

The numerous ultralight aircraft manufacturers participated the air sports trade fair – Icare Expo. There was an atmosphere that hanggliding and paragliding are on the up-grade and getting more active in France and neighbouring countries. Many visitors expressed keen interest in the latest Combat L 07 hang glider. They wanted to test fly the glider and try our top competition harness Viper S on.

Oleg Bondarchuk, Primoz Gricar, Markus Eggimann, Alexey Sudak, Sergei Semenov, Petr Vaskovich, Alexander Krivsha and other friends were representing Aeros Company at the exhibition. Many thanks to all of them for great promotional work and especially to Xavier Verges for supporting Aeros team in France.

Aeros at Icare Expo