New Target For Your flying school! 2007-12-13

The Aeros Target 16 still amazes professional instructors who have not flown it before. The glider is very safe one of the most important needs of beginners. For students it is very forgiving and predictable but it is also fun for an experienced pilot to play at skyfloating.
This glider is now also considered the best to use with power for touring flights.

The New Target 16 will have a slightly bigger undersurface and great new colour design. The air frame tubes are now from 7075 aluminuim alloy. The battens are also made from 7075 alloy with click ends and lever tip battens. The new streamline A-frame includes profiled but safe Finsterwalder uprights.

The new Aeros Target weighs 23,5 kg without bags.
It is scheduled to be certified at DHV early in 2008.
Please check our Web site regularly to see when order form is avaluable.