Aeros' Christmas news: winglets for TL 2007-12-28

Our topless flex wing for microlights, the Profi TL, doesn't stop to make progress even on holidays. It evolves and gains new features.

On the 26th of December 2007 the Profi TL with winglets has been test-flown in assembly with Aeros 1 trike - Rotax 582 engine. The Aeros Chief Designer Sergey Drobyshev spoke of his first impression: "It flies really pleasing". The test pilots find that winglets refine longitudinal stability that is especially noticeable in straight flights at high speeds. The Profi TL with winglets is more stable in spirals, as sliding reduces. The winglets enable to perform well-defined turns and changing of bank angle. Though one may argue that winglets stability makes turns a bit harder, it doesn’t affect neither stall characteristics nor wing performance at the maximum flight speed.    

The testing has not been completed yet, as there are further tests of Profi TL with winglets with Aeros 2 trike and powerful Rotax 912 and BMW engines coming. After their completion the winglets will be available as an option, which makes Profi TL wing suitable for the wider group of pilots.