ANGERER OPEN 2008 2008-02-21

The thirteen time the DCB Ruhpolding organise the Angerer Open, the traditional hanggliding glide angle flying competition. Around 100 international pilots made their way to Anger, to see who could achieve the best glide angle.

Topless hanggliders:
1 Seppi Salvenmoser Aeros Combat 12 L 77.4 kmph  
2 Primoz Gricar Aeros Combat 12 L 76.3 kmph  
2 Wolfgang Siess  Wills Wing T2 76.3 kmph  
4 Matthias Mayer Aeros Combat 14 L 75.8 kmph  
5 Christian Zehetmair  Aeros Combat 14 L  75.3 kmph  
6 Manfred Trimmel Aeros Combat 71.4 kmph  
6 Wolfgang Brunner Moyes Litespeed 71.4 kmph  
8 Nikolaus Eisl Moyes Litespeed 69.2 kmph  
9 Guido Gehrmann Icaro 08 67.9 kmph  
10 Jonas Blecher Airborne C4 65.9 kmph  
10 Stefan Baumgartner Aeros Combat 14L 65.9 kmph  

Primoz Gricar writes:

It was a perfect day. Sunny, a little cold, but the urge to fly was stronger. Angerer Open has in last year won a reputation of well organised, relaxed competition, where many pilots of all 3 classes take place. (Kingposted, Kingpostless, Rigid). This time over 100 participants registered. The wives of local Club have provided self made cakes and drinks.
The assignment at this comp. is to fly the 3000m distance at 300m height difference as fast as possible.
For me the decision, with which glider I would fly was relatively easy. Since my rigid and flex from the last season were gone and new ones were in process of production, the only possibility left was the Combat 12L from my dear Regina. She did not resist. :)
The glider is with its 12,8 sqm quite small, but very strong build, so I knew that my battleweight would not decrease its performance.
We have set the glider quite high, outboard sprogs over 8,5 degrees. Lets see what this machine can do.
The launching conditions were just perfect, the gliding conditions at app. 80kph a little bumpy but the sweet handling and good load on the glider made me hold my course with no effort. Later I saw many people go up to 60 degrees off course due to the turbulence.
I overflew the goal line uphill at 1,5m height, and flared 50 meters later.
Seppi with his Combat 12L has showed us, how to do it. He flew into ground effect much sooner and flared almost exactly at goal line. A perfect run.
The attractive price giving ceremony was conducted in Gasthaus on the takeoff.
Anger, see you next year.