Aeros Demo Days 2008-04-08

Aeros is inviting all the pilots, who want to get familiar with newest Aeros products to see and fly Aeros latest hanggliders and harnesses.

Everyone, who wants tips about trimming their glider or harness, or how to perform better in competitions can learn more from best Aeros pilots Oleg Bondarchuck, Primoz Gricar, Markus Eggimann and others.
The demo days will be held on following dates and places:
1.    12 - 13 April     - Bad Tölz Airfield (winch towing), Festival for all the manufacturers.  
2.    26 - 27 April     - Bad Tölz Blomberg (foot launch), demo days Aeros.

3.    03 - 04 May      -Switzerland (foot launch), demo days Aeros.
4.    15 - 23 August  - Berlin, Altes Lager (Aerotowing, Winch towing), demo days Aeros.