Primoz Gricar flying his new Combat L placed first in Swiss Championship 2008-05-16
Primoz Gricar writes:

For me the Suisse championship began 5 days earlier, as I was kindly invited by Suisse Aeros Dealer Markus Eggimann to stay with him and his family in Bern.  So I could help performing his Aeros Demo event in Interlaken, 70 km away from Stans, which would be the SM 08 flying site. This gave me the oportunity to get to know my new fresh Combat 13L a little better and to find the settings which would allow me to use the Suiss flying conditions most optimally. Markus´s experience was a great help.
Sprog settings, which prooved to be the best compromise, to counteract the brutal Suiss Alps Thermals, were surprisingly at the factory settings level.
After five days of flying in Interlaken, I headed on to Stans, where Regina was already waiting for me.
We took one day of rest, and on next day the SM 08 begun.
It took us an hour to reach the Haldigrat launch on 1930m a.s.l., which was still covered by deep snow.
Very soon after launch I saw that the tuning work in Interlaken was very important. Strong thermals and bumpy transitions have made our glides quite a challenge. Soon it was clear, that the glider is performing very well.
After second day Mario Alonsi has showed us his bent steel harness rod, where the slider is travelling on.
On third day my max. vario showed 13.3 m/s when climbing.  Thermaling in under 4m/s lift was a clear time loss.
First day was won by Alex Ploner, second day by me, third day by Christian Chiech, and fourth day by Richie Meier.
Until the last day I was overall on 3. place, after Christian and Alex, but they came in late so the 3. place of the day was enough for me to get the overall victory.
The results are at

The organisers really gave their best, transportation to the takeoff and retrieve for over 80 pilots were taken care of, the organiser provided also breakfast and goal snacks and drinks for the pilots, also live music, media coverage and occasionall dinner were not missing. Many thanks for that!!

Also special thanks to Aeros for providing such good material!

Congratulations to Primoz Cricar!

Name, Glider
GRICAR, Primoz, (Aeros Combat L) 3501
CIECH, Christian, (Laminar 14.1 Z9) 3471
PLONER, Alex, (Laminar 14.1 Z9) 3430
HÄRRI, Martin, (Moyes Litespeed) 3393
MEIER, Richi, (Aeros Combat L) 3383
RIZO SALOM, Luis, (Moyes Litespeed RS3.5) 3315
HERRMANN, Franz, (Aeros Combat 14 L) 3218
VOIBLET, Christian, (Aeros Combat L) 3089
ALONZI, Mario, (Aeros Combat L) 3067
HAAS, Manfred, (Wills Wing T2) 3049