Fantastic Danish Championships! 2008-05-19
From 10.05 to 16.05 we flew the Danish Championships from Fasterholt Hanggliding Center, DK.
We had 7competition days out of 7!, and pilots reaching goal every day! - and with the first flewn 100 km triangle to the Danish Champs, with 7 pilots out of 16 at goal.
Results from Danish Championships:
1. Lars Bo Johansen Aeros Combat L15 5.606 points
2. Jesper Hassing Aeros Combat L12 5.224 points
3. Johnny Christiansen Icaro Laminar 4.872 points
4. Flemming Lauridsen Moyes Litespeed 4.472 points
5. Charles Gjoerup Aeros Combat 2-14 4.388 points