The 16th FAI European Championship 2008-07-07

The 16th FAI European Championship was held in Greifenburg, Austria from 7th -21st June 2008

The rainy weather allowed only three tasks to be flown.

In contrast to previous championsips we observe the enormous number of Aeros Combat L gliders. 49 pilots flew Aeros out of 98 participants.

The competition was darkened by Richi Meier death. Richi was one of the best Aeros pilots, a good friend and a nice guy. All of us will miss him.

Congratulations to the winners, especially to Elio Cataldi, the new European Champion!

Our congratulations to Mark Utrillo with 5th place really good result!

Congratulations to Dan Vyhnalik who flies steady well in all competitions, and to Mario Alonzy this pilot is always on the top!

Special congratulations to Natalia Petrova and Christine Aichner with second and third place!