French Nationas 2008-07-28

French Nationas is over with turbulent windy conditions, with four valid tasks.
Lars Bo Johansen is the winner.
Mario Alonzy
is second overall and new French Champion.
Luis Rizo is on third place.

Lars Bo writes:
Entering the French Nationals I was thinking - now that will be a big challenge to me mostly flying the danish flatlands. Saint Andr? though, I know from earlier visits. The place is very beautifull, but also challenging with areas of few landing options and the conditions can be quite strong!
Many of the best french pilots where there and I was thinking - let's see what happens ... Probably I would have difficulty in keeping up with the french in their mountains.
I still fly my Combat L 15 from the worlds 2007. Receiving it back then I did a test flight on it and found it just perfect. I never did any tuning of it (except for recently raising the outer right sprog a quater turn to compensate for a slight left turn!). I asked Primuz about how the set-up is delivered from the factury and he says it's even a bit more safe than the DHV-limits!
We had four good tasks in a row after waiting for the winds to slow down. I felt very safe and competitive and often found my self in the lead. At times we did have strong and turbulent conditions, but I never felt that we should stop the task.
Actually the first day I thought I might as well go for it because they probably cach up later. I went in front and then I made a mistake of choosing a ridge that didn't work and was now two thermals behind. Even then by racing very hard I managed to cach up, take the lead and eventually win the day - I couldn't believe it!

I understand the french were competing against each other and not me. Still I was very happy to get the chance to fly with them.

Congratulations to Lars Bo!

Congratulations to Mario and Luis!