Combat 09-new sizes 2009-07-26


After extensive work with prototypes and numerous flight tests we are glad to announce a release of another glider of 09 series - the Combat 09  13.2. The size of the new glider is 13.2 sq.m. which is right in the middle of Combat 12 and Combat 13. After flight tests we can claim that the performance of the new glider is at least the same or slightly better as Combat 09 13 (13.7sq.m), with the same climb rate. It has aspect ratio 8,05 maintaining the same wing span. Theoretically this means that the glider with more aspect ratio should have better low speed glide ratio. And it was proved during flight tests. The first glider was sent to Markus Eggimann, to check it in strong Swiss mountain conditions, and Primoz Gricar  is going to participate with it in the Croatian Open soon.

Also we glad to inform that we have finished to work with our smallest size Comat 09 12 glider. The new 12 has very good handling and slightly better glide ratio than Combat 07 12. Now our test pilot Sergey Semenov is participating with the first serial Combat 09 12 in Ukrainian Nationals.

In a short time we will be ready to release the bigger sized Combats – Combat 14 and Combat 15 – we are  working with prototypes now.

All new sized 09: Combat 12, Combat 13.2, Combat 14 and Combat 15 have many innovations, similar to the first glider of new generation – Combat 09 13, that has proved its superior flight characteristics in numerous competitions this year: new  sail cut , new tip battens profile, different leading edges construction, and lighter and stronger keel tube. The total weight of all 09 gliders is reduced approximately 0,7 kg.