Primoz Cricar comments about Combat 09-13.2 2009-08-15
In the spring,when I got my C09 -13,7 glider with the tailplane, I thought that it is the most amazing glider I have ever flown.  The best handling and performance ever combined with superior comfort and safety.  This was true until I got to try the new 13,2m2 Combat. Again with genious Tailplane. Flying it with the same hook-in-weight as mine ,93-95kg ,I was amazed by its even better climbing abilities, which have often put me at the very top of the gaggle. The theory of improoved gliding performance with higher aspect ratio and bigger wingloading was confirmed very clearly flying against some of the best gliders in the world at Monte Cucco Trophy 2009.  For me it is a sensation that a racing sprog settings for Combat 09-13,2 are very close to C09-13.7 certified settings.  Well done guys!