The First Flight of Profi TL 11 2010-01-12

More than a year of extensive work and development have brought us to successful design of the new prototype of the trike wing - Profi TL 11. Two of the prototypes where built up to date but none of them met our expectations completely. This prototype is radically different from the previous ones. Its sail area is 11.5 sq.m and the wing span is 8.6 m.

Now we are glad to announce its first flight, which took place on December 15th 2009.

Aeros chief designer Sergey Drobyshev, who performed the test flight, is very satisfied with the Profi TL 11 behaviour. He said: “This wing felt safe and comfortable, the handling is soft and easy. There were no negative feelings in the air. The wing indeed meets our expectations”.

The first test flight results are very promising and encourage us to continue the test program as soon as weather allows. During further test flights we are going to collect more information and determine the best characteristics of the Profi TL 11.

We will keep you informed about our next stages.