THE GERMAN OPEN - 2x2 2005-07-29
The German Open took place on June 26 - July 2 in Greifenburg, Austria. 93 pilots from 12 countries took part in the event. There were three laps.
Oleg Bondarchuk, who was not very lucky at the beginning, has won the closing day and took the second place in the First Category, with Oliver Bartelems as a winner.
Primoz Gricar flying AEROS Phantom, who had been the leader in the Rigid Wing class on the first two days, couldnwt finish the third task due to the weather conditions degradation and took the second place in his class as well.
Photos from DHV site


Place Pilot Glider Nation
1 BARTHELMES, Oliver Moyes - Litespeed 4 DEU
2 BONDARCHUK, Oleg Aeros - Combat L UKR
3 WOHRLE, Roland Moyes - Litespeed S4 DEU


Place Pilot Glider Nation
1 BOTT, Jacques A.I.R - Atos VR FRA
2 GRICAR Primoz Aeros Phantom SVN
3 MUGLICH, Dieter 3A.I.R - Atos VX DEU