Ukrainian Nationals 2010 16-24 July 2010 2010-08-09

Ukrainian Nationals 2010
16-24 July 2010

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31st Ukrainian hanggliding open Championship took place in Grebinka from 16th till 24th of July. It was aerotowing competition with 32 pilots from Ukraine and Russia.

There were 6 flying days out of 8. The weather was developing from quite weak in first two days till very good weather with strong thermals and cloud base 2700-2800m AGL the last two days.

Championship prize winners:

1st place Sergei Semenov Combat 09 13,2
2nd place Viktor Moroz Stalker Phantom
3rd place Pavel Yakimchuk Combat 09 12,8
The championship was organized very nice. Four (in first days even five) professional aerotowing pilots with trikes took off and landed steady. Due to towing pilots and well co-coordinated work of launch team all participants were in the air during one hour.

Pilots- day winners:

Pavel Yakimchuk, Combat 09 12,8
Sergei Semenov, Combat 09 13,2
Dmitriy Rusov, Combat L 14 07
Viktor Moroz, Stalker Phantom

If you have a look at the participation gliders, you can retrace almost the whole development history of Aeros Company: from Stealth till Discus, Combat L and the newest Combat 09 glider which has outstanding flying characteristics and was already certified by DHV.

These competitions are getting more and more popular due to nice place, safe and comfortable flying conditions, plenty of big fields for landing and friendly atmosphere.
The entry fee was 70 Euro (=700Hrn) including retrieve. One towing is 7,5 Euro and you are at 500 - 600m, just in thermal.
Accommodation possibility: a hotel that is 5 km close, or free camping just on the airfield. There are many cafés and restaurants where you can taste the traditional Ukrainian dishes. There is a nice river beach, also not far from the airfield.
There was also a possibility to rent the Comabat 09 glider.

From 16th till 24th of July 2010
Oksana Semenova