Further successful steps îf the test program AC 21 powered sailplane 2010-09-07

We are glad to announce that further successful steps have been made in the test program of AC 21 powered sailplane. Oleg Bondarchuk took over the test program and made a series of flights with full configuration, testing in flight engine retraction, in flight engine extension and re start.

In spite of high temperature (most of the flights where performed with air temperature between 30 and 35 deg C), the engine worked smoothly with all its parameters inside the limits and provided good climb rate.

Restarting the engine in flight from fully retracted position took only 150 meters of altitude. In sailplane configuration the glider is stable and well coordinated, 1.5 hrs cross country flight was a joy.

Our test program is going on, work centered on optimizing climb rate and run endurance testing, “de bugging” the engine installation.

Our test program is going on, work centered on optimizing climb rate and run endurance testing, increasing reliability of the engine installation.