Fox T wing for nanolight trikes 2010-10-04

All of us wanted to fly further, faster and higher. And as our dreams fulfilled, the downsides arose: weight, complexity, handling issues, cost. And our dreams of flying like a bird are vanish…

Luckily for those who still want to feel the simplicity and real pleasure of bird-like flying we have developed our Fox T wing for nanolight trikes. It is completely different feeling when you fly the Target T: slow, low and maneuverable flying is real fun when you fly it. Even the light turbulence doesn’t feel – the wing simply absorb it, giving you possibility to fly as relaxed as you can.

At the first glance the Fox T is little differ from the Target – our beginner hang glider as it is designed using the Target. Actually it maintains all Target’s dimensions, just reinforced and adapted exclusively for flying with the nanolight trikes.