19 years of Aeros 2010-11-23

The Aeros Company celebrates its 19th Anniversary this year.
We offer you a short review of our latest products and innovations.

Combat 09The Aeros Combat 09 has proved its top flying characteristics during flight tests, and our pilots have won many international competitions. Four glider sizes have been certified by DHV and now more than 150 wings fly and compete around the World. We continue to receive excellent reports from competition pilots who fly the Combat 09.

The current Combat 09 features an all new airfoil and sail cut with high aspect ratio which gives the glider superior climbing abilities and performance. The tail makes the glider not only safe and stable on glide, but allows comfortable climbing, easy aerotowing and easy landing. The new developments make the glider more like a sailplane.

Our latest innovation is the movable CG hang point. Like shifting the gears the aft CG position helps to maximize climb, and the forward CG allows the glider to fly fast in strong wind or in turbulent conditions by reducing the bar pressure. We have also started to produce serial gliders with adjustable tip battens.

The next essential step is the Combat 09 13.5 with a 10.7 meters wing span and an 8.5 : 1 aspect ratio. This glider looks very different. It offers fantastic climb and performance. We’ve managed to keep the sweet handling and good coordination of its predecessors and now this glider is available to you.

For three years now we have produced the Discus T. Flying the nanolight trikes is becoming more and more popular. This is the simplest way for a hangglider pilot to get into the sky with an engine, and the Discus T is a real joy to fly like this. The Discus T handles like a normal Discus hangglider. It’s very easy to lunch, to fly, and to land. The Discus T is available in two sizes: Discus 14T (13,7sq.m) and Discus 15T (14,5sq.m).

Discus T

Now also in production is the FOX 16 T, the machine you can steer so slowly, so easily, and so low over the ground. It gives the feeling of veritable true flight that the fist airmen could only dream about. And you only need 10 minutes to set the glider up from a 6m bag.

Our Target 16 has been developed into the Fox. The frame is made of 7075 alloy tubes. For the A-frame we used the Finsterwalder uprights and fittings, and the batten tips are changed for Airborne click tips. The glider is ideal for beginners - light, safe and predictable.
The Fox has been also certified by DHV.

Target T Fox

In our short review we shouldn’t miss the SkyRanger. Our 1032nd production SkyRanger will be delivered to its customer soon. The SkyRanger became the World Champion for the fifth time and it remains unbeatable value for money!


On the first Friday of November we had a celebration party, accepted congratulations, thankful reviews, wishes of prosperity and happiness, all with good music and a stand-up meal in friendly surrounding. This celebration proceeded a weekend at the Aeros airfield in Byshev, where employees and friends of Aeros could fly Aeros 2 Trikes and a SkyRanger, and enjoy a barbeque and hot wine or warm tea was. Time passed pleasantly and too quickly, leaving a warm and unforgettable memory in the soul of everybody.

Thank you to all our Aeros friends, pilots and dealers. We work for you - Your Aeros team.