18th World Hanggliding Class1 Championship 2011, Monte Cucco, Italy 2011-08-17

Just two valid tasks, but we have a World Champion.

Congratulations to Alex Ploner, Italy,ICARO 2000 Laminar ZX proto.
Congratulations to Christian Ciech, Italy,ICARO 2000 Laminar ZX proto.
Congratulations to Primoz Gricar, Slovenia, Aeros Combat 13.5 GT

We congratulate Koji Daimon and Andre Djamarani with their good results, Franz Hermann with his exceptional  flying (unfortunately he was trapped in the first task, by touching  the CTR zone just in front of the take off. Without this mistake he could be on 6 th place overall, but, OK, it’s the game and everybody has to know the rules of this game), Julia Kucherenko and Natalia Petrova with their First place!, and all Aeros pilots with great and safe flying in difficult conditions.
Primoz won the first task with an  astonishing   show of  tactical flying and was fourth in the second task.
In both tasks there were four Aeros pilots in the Top Ten.
It would have been possible to have third task, but the organizers decided to stop it for safety reasons !?(all the pilots, who flew  that day ,reported, that this day there were the best  flying conditions during this competition).It was sad…
About the numbers… It’s interesting! There were three Aeros pilots in the Top Ten, and 16 Aeros pilots in first 40th (35% of all Aeros pilots in the competition)… the best average performance, despite the fact that the Aeros pilots flew  with  the wings in certifed or DHV tested configuration .
There was the strange situation, that all the pilots signed  a confirmation letter during the regisration, that they will fly with certified gliders, but most of them flew on the wings with  sprogs set up 2-3 deg. lower, than certification numbers, or even with prototypes.  Curious….
Fly safe and have fun!

Sergey Drobyshev
Aeros designer