Aeros Winter Race 2012 2011-12-08

Sooo... the event that opens the flying season in the northern hemisphere will take place in Slovenia again - 3rd time in a row - sponsored by Aeros,


Area: Vipava valley, Soca valley
Competition dates: 14th - 18th march 2012, reserve date 21st - 25th march 2012
Max number of competitors: 50

We hope that Vipava valley will show us its best or at least normal weather conditions - and allow us to stretch our snow-covered wings.

Again we are inviting all pilots, to come and participate in good competition flying and companionship.

AEROS is providing very attractive prizes:
1st prize: 1000 EUR cash or credit note for 30% discount when ordering a new Combat
2nd prize: 500 EUR cash or credit note for a new Viper S harness
3rd prize: 300 EUR cash or a tailplane
4th-10th place: small prizes

To see more details and to register for Aeros Winter Race 2012, go to the Official website