Thermik 2012 2012-02-24

Traditionally, Aeros has taken part in the Thermik exhibition held in Sindelfingen, Germany, on February 18, 2012. The weather in Bavaria was unfavourable for any sort of travel, not to speak about flights, and we feared that only a few visitors would have enough courage to come to the expo.

Fortunately, we were mistaken. The exhibition was just overcrowded with visitors. Although the public consisted mostly of paraglider pilots, Aeros with its hang gliding equipment had enough visitors, too. It's worth noting that this exhibition had almost no idlers who ask general questions only.

Aeros booth visitors were asking specific questions about the new gliders, trying them on, ordering harnesses, sharing their impressions from flying Aeros gliders.

Aeros dealers Tomas Pellicci (Germany), Primoz Gricar (Germany), Markus Eggimann (Switzerland) present at the booth were constantly busy talking to old customers as well as to new ones just going to learn hang gliding or getting ready to change the glider.

Besides, during the exhibition the Aeros dealers could share their opinions with Alexander Voronin, the director of Aeros, to discuss the business situation, give their remarks and claims, coordinate plans for the future.

Altogether it has been generally agreed that the hang gliding market in Germany and Switzerland is growing, and this was evidenced by the Thermik exhibition.

Under Комбат's wing... Aeros' stand. General view. - Fitting room?
- Sorry, we haven't. Fitting stand only.
Left to right: Alexander Voronin, Primoz Gricar, Markus Eggimann.
Regina Glas is fitting the harness.