Danish Open 2012. Results. 2012-05-31
It's really a pity the Danish Open 2012 had only two days of seven(!) possible.
But as long as comp organizers can't control the weather, pilots have to do all their best from the very begining of competition.
That is the only way to win.

No doubts, Lars knows "how to win". Seems the formula is simple: to win a competition you have to win each day!
Well done, Lars!

Of course, Aeros congratulates Charles! This man is our dealer in Denmark. It's nice to see the familiar faces on the podium.

Also we have to note: two pilots - Dennis and Tommy - have shared the 3rd place.
Hey, guys! How did you divide your prize? And what is about the medal? Who is wearing it? :-)))
Anyway accept our congratulations!

The first 5 places of the overall results:

Danish Open Hanggliding 2012

Task 1-2 Class 1
Total results (final)

Task Date Distance  
T1 Heat 12012-05-13 12:0059,6 kmElapsed time
T2 Heat 22012-05-18 12:0058,0 kmElapsed time

# Name Nat Glider T1 T2 Total
1Lars Bo JohansenDENAeros Combat L 158089071715
2Charles GjørupDENAeros Combat 2-14 W5258121337
3Dennis KochDENMoyes Litespeed S 3.56354501085
3Tommy JacobsenDENMoyes Litespeed S 44036821085
5Jesper HassingDENAeros Combat L 076733901063