Swissmasters 2012. Results 2012-05-31
That was not an easy competition. Seems sometimes the weather was stronger than abilities of gliders.
Anyway the competition is accomplished without losses.
Congratulations to the winners!

Also we would like to make special mention of Peter Neuenschwander who took the 4th place.


This pilot has begun to fly Aeros Combat GT in October 2011! No, he was not a newbie in soaring.
He knows what the first prize of PWC is! (PWC stands for Paragliding World Cup).
So we congratulate Peter and his instructor-coach-supervisor-(who else?) Markus Eggimann!
By the way, Markus is our friend, designer and Swiss dealer!

Hanggliding Swiss Championship 2012

Task 1-5 Class 1
Total results (final)

Task Date Distance  
T1 Task_12012-05-24 13:4080,7 kmRace to Goal with 3 startgate(s)
T2 Task_22012-05-25 15:0052,1 kmElapsed time
T3 Task_32012-05-26 13:00100,8 kmRace to Goal with 3 startgate(s)
T4 Task_42012-05-27 13:0091,9 kmRace to Goal with 3 startgate(s)
T5 Task_52012-05-28 13:0091,5 kmRace to Goal with 2 startgate(s)

# Name Nat Glider T2 T3 T5 Total
1Boisselier AntoineFRAMoyes Litespeed RS 3.56609079752542
2Ploner AlessandroITAIcaro Laminar Z949877810002276
3Bircher FredySUIMoyes Litespeed RS 3.55667289472241
4Neuenschwander PeterSUIAeros Combat GT 13.55807877262093
5Herrmann FranzSUIAeros Combat GT 13.53427908822014
6Ciech ChristianITAIcaro Laminar6399853822006
7Primoz GricarSLOAeros Combat GT 13.57058354541994
8Voiblet ChristianSUIAeros Combat GT 13.54327977481977
9Zehetmair ChristianGERAeros Combat GT 13.54447067891939
10Bajewski JoergGERMoyes Litespeed S 4.53766817221779