Aeros - 21 years! 2012-11-30

A few weeks ago Aeros has celebrated the 21st birthday.

As usual the celebration was divided into two parts: holiday party in the office and an air-flying party during the next day at Byshev airfield.

Skyrangers are waiting to take off.

Taking off!

Our guest from Aeroprakt.

Oleg Bondarchuk is doing preflight check.

Hi folks! Life is wonderful!

Aeros trike is driving to runway.

AC21 is waiting to get airborne.

At last! I'm airborne!

Kinda air display.

In addition we have to say: there are some gifts for our customers and other people who need to get some info from our web-site.

Firstly, there are new order forms... interactive forms... that are aimed to free customers from the graphic editing and so on. Just point and click. These order forms are at the testing stage... so, please, be tolerant.

Here they are:

Secondly, the next link will take us to the "Technical kiosk" where you can find tables with the following info: