Matthias Kurzthaler. Impressions about his Combat GT 13.2 2012-11-30
A few words from Matthias...

About his previous gliders:
I started with the Moyes Mars, than: Seedwings Kestrel, Seedwings Spyder, Icaro Orbiter, Ikarus Spirit L and I flew a Combat 13.7 for two and a half year before I bought my NEW COMBAT 13.2 GT.

About landing:
I think it is even easier to land the GT than the old Combat. It can flair longer... I haven't had a crashlanding since I fly topless (Combats). Just one in September (one sidebar), but that was my fault...

About handling:
The handling of the Combat is great. I flew many Kingpost gliders and there was always a small delay between my action and the reaction of the Glider. But with the Combat it is so direct: It is Hanggliding just like I always imagined to fly. Me and the Combat are ONE, with other Gliders it was also like this but I always had to adjust my flying to the Glider. With the Combat it is like the Glider adjust to my flying...

A lof of German words about "one flying day" from Matthias' blog: Small dream came true

Wonderful Life
from MatzeSki on Vimeo.
Austrian XC Flying
from MatzeSki on Vimeo.