Aeros Winter Race 2013: news from battlefields (by Primoz Gricar) 2013-03-15

As our plan was to introduce the new generation of Combat 13.5 GT at the winter race, Markus and myself had to decide, what to do, because the glider was put togehter in Bern, I was already in Vipava, and because of bad weather forcasts none from pilots, who could bring me the glider were driving this route from Swiss to Slovenia.

So we have decided to use this opportunity and make additional fine tuning flight tests in Interlaken by Markus and meet at DHV the week after AWR to complete the certification tests, so the NG will be all set for Tropheo Montegrappa.

The reports of Markus from first flights with new carbon Combat are exceeding our expectations. I am quite excited about beginning to use it in competitions.

Luckily enough I took my 2012 Tecnora C13.5 GT with me to AWR, and copied the settings from my Worlds GT on it before coming to Vipava, not being able to testfly it though because of winter conditions. Despite the big scale bad weather the specific climate at Nova Gorica allowed one short testflight on the very day Oleg and myself arrived to the site.

On this flight I could perceive the cultivated behaviour of the GT, giving a great confident feeling that one can master any situation. And if I had any critic on this specific glider about too high barpressure before, with the tuning it was all gone. The glider has mutated into a rocket with light always positive barpressure, and great handling even with full VG.

Today we had winter break through here in the valley, so the bus full of enthusiasts went for a ride to world famous Postojna cave, 30 min away from HQ. My last visit to this monument of nature was 25 years ago, so it was like being there for the first time. The impressions in a cave 120m below the ground were really something. Beside the gigantic visual aspect there was also a well known effect on the mind - you disconnect from the outer world and experience like a mind reset, a real relief from everyday madness. Oleg and myself came out like with loaded bateries. One of the reasons for this effect could be the absence of EM smog deep below the earth. Perhaps this adds a new aspect to the Aeros Winter Race - beside flying there is also a great possibility of pilots associating with each other and taking a rest from everyday life. I have suggested to make this cave visit every year.

From tomorrow on we are expecting very good conditions, the NE wind is dropping more and more by the hour.

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