Where we are, Combat GTng, Carbon leading edge! 2013-04-08

Where we are, Combat GTng, Carbon leading edge!

In the last weeks we tested our Carbon LE with the DHV-vehicle. Pitch test, load tests negative and positive have been arranged. In the developing process its necessary to confirm theoretical calculations using empirical tests. It is very important for the next steps to test the limits. After all these tests, we can say that we have a fully functional Combat 13.5GTng with Carbon LE.

Primoz Gricar is now flying this 13.5GTng with all the necessary tests in the certification process without any limitations.

This glider has not just Carbon LE, this glider also has a new and lighter sail. The Pitch test has shown us that this sail is working as usual. After the first flights the glider developer Markus Eggimann had a nice feeling and now Primoz confirmed his impressions, too.

In May wed like to do the final tests for the DHV-certification. In the end we will have a Carbon LE in one piece and a Carbon LE in two pieces for pilots who like to short pack the glider.

Looking forward to better weather!

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