Where we are, Combat GTng, Carbon leading edge! Part 2. 2013-06-12

Where we are, Combat GTng, Carbon leading edge! Part 2.

We are now coming out with our next report for all those impatient to read the news about the new Carbon Combat.

Two Combat GTng hang gliders were ready for the Laveno Competition. Primoz Gricar flew the 13.2GTng with Carbon LE and Peter Neuenschwander had the 13.5GTng with Carbon LE.

From the very beginning the weather didn't allow us to set up the gliders in the best possible way. We had yet to understand the new dynamics of these wings influenced by carbon tubes. The whole of Aeros team was involved into this quite complicated process and, step-by-step, we learned what had to be done.

Primoz and Peter did an excellent job in Laveno. They managed this task in Laveno, the only Task because of the weather... (ah, the weather again!) in a very impressive and professional way. With the information from Primoz and Peter it became possible to develop the gliders to the point at which we can say that we really like the result. The gliders in Laveno had all the DHV tests. Safety first!

The next step now is the SwissOpen in Verbier, Wallis.

So, Aeros is happy to present the Combat 13.5 and 12.7 GTng.

The new Combat 12.7 GT and GTng developed by Sergey Drobyshev and Markus Eggimann will make sure that lighter pilots can enjoy the same great characteristics and performance as offered by the Combat GT 13.5.

If we are happy with all the tests at the SwissOpen, we will start to accept orders for the Combat 13.5 GTng and for the 12.7GT and 12.7GTng. Also will be available for ordering Combat 13.2 GTng or maybe just carbon upgrade kit for GTs 13.5 and 13.2. We understand the impatience of all the pilots waiting for an Aeros carbon glider. Friends, be sure we are moving forward as fast as we possibly can, meeting all the challenges.

One of such challenges is certainly the technical issue. The ng version will have the single-piece Carbon leading edge tubes. Around September we are planning to have an ng version with the Carbon tubes in two pieces. Surely you wouldn't like to lose too much dynamics with the two-piece tubes, would you? It means that we need a perfect engineering for this version, and it certainly requires some time, you know. The good thing is, that Aeros will offer a short pack possibility of 3.6m with this ng version.

The other challenge is the weather. Will you help us change it? :-)

Aeros team