The real story: a Trike Miracle or a Miracle of a Trike? 2013-06-14

The real story: a Trike Miracle or a Miracle of a Trike?

Do you believe in miracles? Most of the people do, to some extent...

Usually, before the very first flight of a would-be trike pilot an instructor says something like this: "A trike can fly by itself. Just don't prevent it from doing this and you'll be safe. Whenever you don't know what to do, let the wing do it for you."

Ah well, we certainly believe the instructor. But to what extent and when can a trike be allowed to fly on its own? You would say it definitely requires a pilot input at takeoff and especially at landing, right? That's certainly so... That's what we believed until this case in France in early May 2013.

A French pilot was flying an Aeros 2 trike with a Rotax 582 and an Aeros Profi wing. He felt unwell and lost consciousness at about 1500 ft (~460 m), sitting all alone in his trike. No chance to survive, eh? But do you remember what your instructor said at the dawn of your pilot career?

We are not going to keep you in suspense any longer. The trike landed by itself. The pilot regained consciousness on the ground to find himself uninjured, trike repairable, wing destroyed.

So, once again, do you believe in miracles? We do. And we have a real miracle for you. Aeros 2, a miracle of a trike.