One more miracle or story about OK-34 deployment 2013-07-04

We placed this piece of news just to highlight an unusual case, not to find out "who is guilty?"

According to the technical data, the certified load for the rescue chute OK-34 is 125 kg. The case described below showed us up the ultimate overload for OK-34: two pilots, a hang glider and a paraglider! Thanks God, it amazingly ended pretty happy!

So let's read the actual story:

Last weekend I was heading off to top-land my new Aeros Discus C 14 glider at 500ft AGL. I checked for a clear path to the top-landing, then looked to my right to pull my VG on. I was distracted for about 3 seconds when I found myself about to collide head-on with a paraglider, it was unavoidable at that point, and I found myself instantly free-falling with the paraglider pilot attached to me, wrapped up in her wing.

As soon as I could, I threw my reserve (OK-34), and miraculously it deployed before we hit the tree-tops. It opened almost instantly, and had it been off a second later we would have impacted with too much velocity as by that time we were falling at 100-130kph.

The outer shell of my Aeros Viper 2 harness was ripped in two opposing directions as the reserve had pulled me up, while the forces of my glider and the PG pilot had pulled down. To my amazement the harness didn't tear off. All the internals were cracked and bent, but none of the stitching failed.

The reserve saved both our lives. I'm glad Aeros also believe in miracles.

Safe flights!

Here is a picture of my Discus and Viper, by the way: