Hang Gliding Pre-Worlds 2013. Results. 2013-07-16

After the five tasks run Mario Alonzi won Hang Gliding Pre-Worlds 2013 in the Class 1 (Annecy, France) as well as took the 1st place in the French Open 2013.

To win you have to demonstrate high enough results with a good stability. It's a minimal condition to be a winner. Mario showed up us both elements: results and stability.

Well done, Mario! Aeros team is proud of you!

Also we would like to congratulate Laurent Thevenot and Gianpietro Zin with the 2nd and 3rd places respectively!

Mario's meditation: "I have to win! I have to win!"

Drink goal bee...verages and listen
"stories about flights"... what could be better?

Animal's life: hey, peoples,
where is the winner to congratulate?

Animal's life: kiss to the winner.

Top 10 from the overall results table:

TaskDateDistanceTask type
T1 Manche 1-C12013-07-06 14:30120,0 kmRace to Goal with 1 startgate(s)
T2 Manche 2-C12013-07-07 14:1583,2 kmRace to Goal with 1 startgate(s)
T5 Manche 5-C12013-07-10 13:4580,4 kmRace to Goal with 1 startgate(s)
T6 Manche 6-C12013-07-11 13:5090,4 kmRace to Goal with 1 startgate(s)
T7 Manche 7-C12013-07-12 13:50107,2 kmRace to Goal with 1 startgate(s)

#NameNatGliderT 1T 2T 5T 6T 7Total
1ALONZIFRACombat GT7439267416179553982
3ZINFRALaminar Z78010007117394723702
6MATHURINFRALitespeed RS6198806325915513273
7WEISSENBERGERAUTLitespeed RS2775947446278623104
8KINREDAUSLitespeed RS3666886146605782906
9MCFARLANEAUSLitespeed RX2796656446715792838
10DIEUZEIDE-BANETFRALitespeed RX4106785475565762767