A new record of Ukraine 2013-09-19

On the 6th of September 2013 a new record of Ukraine was set for a non-stop flight along a designated route. The main goal of this flight was to visit the aviafest dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Gliding sport (Soviet or Ukrainian... it doesn't matter now: just - Gliding sport).

The crew (pilot - Elena Ostahova, navigator - Alexander Kuznetsov) of the Aeros-2 trike took off from the airfield Byshev (near Kiev) and successfully landed on the airfield CGS - Center of Gliding Sport - which is located at the west end of the Uzun-Syrt ridge (not far from Koktebel town in the Crimea).

The length of the route airfield Byshevairfield Darievka airfield CGS is 713 km. The airfield Darievka was chosen as the reserve one. Just in case.

The crew spent in the air 5 hours 43 minutes.

The fuel tank of the Aeros-2 trike has 70 liters volume. 55 liters of fuel were burnt during the flight. The rest of the fuel was enough to stay in the air for at least 1 hour more.

The trike Aeros-2 that was equipped with a Profi wing, Rotax-912UL engine (80 h.p.) and 3-blade Aerolux propeller is a usual stock-produced item. The 70-liters fuel tank is an option.

During the preparation some fuel consumption tests were accomplished. The results are: 10 l/h at airspeed 90 km/h and 12 l/h – at 100 km/h. An electrically driven trimmer allowed the pilot to balance the trike at the mentioned airspeeds which made this long lasting flight more comfortable.

As shown by the simple calculations, it would be nice to have a 5-6 m/s tailwind to accomplish this task. For the 6th of Sept. the weather forecast predicted the desired wind strength and direction. But an overall picture could be spoiled by the cyclon which was moving from the east and bringing overcast and rains. Luckily, the early start at dawn (at 6:30) allowed to escape the front and successfully make a goal.

Aeros thanks Elena Ostahova and Alexander Kuznetsov for such an excellent demonstration of the Aeros-2 trike abilities.

Tracklog on the map

See you in the Crimea!

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