Oleg Bondarchuk: "The best glider I've ever flown!" 2013-11-26
Oleg Bondarchuk:
"The best glider I've ever flown!"

It has taken us a long time and efforts to finalize a Combat GT 12.7. In fact, the only drawback we had to take care of was a high bar pressure.

Some sceptically-minded people were saying that the tail was to be blamed, but we were looking for the root of the problem elswere.

The solution was finally found. Traditionally :-) , the undesirable bar pressure was eliminated by changes in the sail.

Now Aeros has an incredible glider for you! A Combat GT 12.7, perfectly suitable for the most widely-spread pilot's weight range 70 - 80 kg. Having the normal positive bar pressure in the whole speed range, the glider can easily gain speed up to 120 kph, and that's definitely not the limit!

After testing the new Combat GT 12,7 Oleg Bondarchuk, usually very restrained in his praise, commented on it as the best hang glider he has ever flown.

We supposed that the same solution that had worked for the Combat GT 12.7 would work for the Combat GT 12.4, and it did. The same high bar pressure problem was present in the Combat GT 12.4, although here it was less distinct. Changes in the sail worked well for this glider size, too, lowering bar pressure and improving handling.

The long-awaited Combat with carbon leading edges - Combat C - is at the final approach. In the near future leading edge tubes consisting of three parts will be available. Due to the such design, a Combat C could be broken down into a 4 m package (or even a bit shorter). This feature is very important for transportation, you know.

Being around 4 kg lighter, the Combat C is more expensive in production than currently available alu version. So... if, planning your budget for the next flying season, you find the carbon glider hardly affordable at this stage, you are welcome to order a Combat GT with alu leading edges before Christmas, to make best use of the low season as well as of the special Christmas offer!

Contact your Aeros dealer for the special price offer.