Aeros being 2014-06-26

Dear Friends,

Many of you have heard the news about the tragic events going on in Ukraine since winter. We have been receiving many messages with the words of support as well as a lot of questions asking whether these events interfere with our work or not. We would like to thank you all for your prayers and huge support of Ukraine and Ukrainians on our way towards a better society based on justice and freedom.

Ukraine is a big and diverse country with a vast territory. Although we are deeply grieved by the situation in the South-East of the country, these geografically distant events do not influence our work. The factory is functioning in the normal mode and your orders are welcome, as usual. If you want to support Ukraine, order at Aeros!


See some fresh pictures from the recent test flights (25.06.2014).

Custom color scheme

Let's see how does this "scheme" fly!

Profi TL is almost ready to be test flown

Oleg is going to test fly the Fox T wing

Seems everything is okay!

Toward the Sun...
The photos are from Drobyshev's cell phone.