Annecy Worlds 2014. Results. 2014-07-07

Worlds 2014 for hang gliders in Class 1 (women), Sport Class, 2nd and 5th Classes is over. Six uneasy tasks have been flown (seven - for Class 2).

First of all we want to congratulate Yoko Isomoto (JPN) - the new face on the women's World Olimpo. Great job Yoko!

Yoko Isomoto (JPN) - the World Champion 2014

Also we have to point the 4-6 places were taken by Aeros pilots: respectively - Julia Kucherenko (RUS), Chisato Nojiri (JPN) and Natalia Petrova (RUS).

Well done!

Class 1 (women) results...

In the Sport Class event there are two serial Discuses C on the podium. Aeros says "thanks a lot!" to Mario Alonzi (FRA) and Balazs Ujhelyi (HUN).

II - Piero Zin (FRA), I - Mario Alonzi (FRA), III - ... "Balazs, where are you?"

Sport Class results...