A usual factory flying day 2014-10-13
It was a usual factory flying day with various equipment to be test flown, from nanolight trikes to tandem hang gliders. On such a beautiful day it's hard not to indulge in soaring. At the airfield there was no competition glider for every pilot. But who told you that you needed a competition hang glider to soar? Who told you that you needed a hang glider to soar?
Sergey Semenov shut down the engine on the ANT and soared, trying to have a better climb rate than Sergey Drobyshev who was thermalling a Target 21.
But evening came inevitably and the thermals were gone. It was now time for the nanolights to be test flown. Sometimes we argue who is to test fly the ANT, but on that day we had enough ANTs for every pilot. So, we decided to have a little fun. See for yourself!