Showing the ANT, August - September 2014 2014-10-29


In August and September we were showing the ANT in France and Germany. First it was presented at the ULM Blois festival on August 30 - 31. The visitors of the festival were so impressed and interested, that Alexander who was working at the stand could hardly spare a minute to have a cup of tea.
After the festival it was the time for ANT test by Dimitri Delemarle for the Vol Moteur. Needless to say how impressed Dimitri was, as well as all the other pilots who happened to come by to the airport. You can read the article about the comparative test of
Aeros ANT / Polini Thor 250 / Combat T
Aeros ANT / Cors-Air / Discus 15T
Aeros ANT / Cors-Air / Fox T
in the October 2014 issue of vol Moteur, No. 344.
After France we came to Germany and all of a sudden found ourselves visiting an annual DULV meeting. The result was a looooot of interest and one of the ANTs we had with us bought immediately.
It seems that every pilot who once had a chance to try an ANT falls in love with this machine. Haven't you tried it yet? Call your local Aeros dealer and ask for a test flight.