Reminder: Safety Directive 017 first published on August 5, 2014. Make sure that your glider is safe 2014-11-21


Reminder: Safety Directive 017 first published on August 5, 2014.

Make sure that your glider is safe to fly!

There was the second case of the bottom rear wire failure on a Discus hang glider falling within the scope of Aeros Safety Directive 017. Luckily, this was also discovered on the ground. The first case, as noted in the SD, was on a 7-year old glider and the second case involved a 4-year old glider.
Actually, the wire condition does not depend on the glider's age or airtime. It depends on the number of riggingderigging cycles and on the pilot's individual style of rigging/derigging.
Aeros insists on immediate replacement of the original bottom rear wire on Discus gliders with the Litestream A-frame (mostly Discus C model) and on Combat gliders with the Litestream A-frame by the modified bottom rear wire. We will not charge for the replacement wire for hang gliders less than 2 years old as of August 5, 2014 (the customer will only have to pay for the delivery). For older gliders the modified rear bottom wire will be supplied at a special discounted price. Please, contact your Aeros dealer about the wire replacement.
For the list of the gliders falling within the scope of the Safety Directive 017, press here>>