Fox 13 for lightweight pilots 2017-02-02

It’s been a while since the first test flight of Fox 13. Now, after we’ got feedbacks from our customer pilots flying it, we can certainly state that we have produced a great small sized hang glider for lightweight beginner pilots.

On the whole the design of Fox 13 is similar to Fox 16 and has two modifications: A and B model, allowing to short packing the glider into 2 m length bag. Same as Fox 16, its frame is made with 7075 alloy tubes and the control frame is made with

Finsterwalder uprights and fittings.

Flying characteristics of Fox 13 are also superb and similar to Fox 16:

  • easy take-off and landing;
  • great handling;
  • predictable and gentle stall behavior.

Fox 13 is BHPA and DHV certified.

Technical data

Sail area, sq.m. (sq.ft.)

13.4 (144)

Wing span, m (ft.)

8.65 (28.4)

Aspect ratio


Nose angle, °


Weight (without bags), kg (lbs)

20 (44)

Number of sail battens


Breakdown length, m (ft)

5.09/3.12/2.0 (16.7/10.2/6.6)

Tested load, G


Min. airspeed, km/h (mph)

25 (16)

VNE, km/h (mph)

81 (50)

Min. clip-in weight, kg (lbs)

50 (110)

Max. clip-in weight, kg (lbs)

80 (176)