Ant E-drive 2017-05-31

Advanced electric power plants for ultralights have been on our mind since long, but the technology wasn't there.

It took a considerable amount of time before the technology of electric motors and high capacity batteries has finally reached the level where electric powered flights became possible.

With the electric drive installed on the ANT trike now we make our dream a reality.

Electric flying is a completely new experience. It is like flying in your dreams, when you have that wonderful feeling of being suspended in the air. It is flying for the sake of flying.

They say that every great advance in aviation begins with a new type of engine. Certainly, putting an electric motor on our trike is such an advance but, at the same time we went a little bit back, towards lower power, less noise and stress, and return to those early days when just rising up in the air was making you feel godlike.

Quick, easy and reliable restart combined with lower sink rate due to a foldable prop make the E-ANT ideal for soaring applications. If you can't find a thermal, switching the motor on results in the max. climb rate of 2 - 2.5 m/s (depending on the wing type and pilot weight).

With a Combat T wing the E-ANT's max. speed reaches 100 km/h.

You can choose the battery capacity you need:

- Single pack battery for light weight and less sink rate to increase soaring ability.

- Double pack battery for increased duration. 1 1.2 hour flight is possible without any lift, depending on the weight and efficiency of the wing you use.

Batteries are easily and quickly removable from the trike. Charging a battery takes about 10 hours.

Electric flying has lots of advantages:

- Quick, easy and reliable restart for soaring applications. An electric motor can be instantly started at any altitude.

- Less drag when soaring with the motor off due to a foldable propeller.

- No vibration. Electric motor with a well-balanced, slow-turning propeller provides for a no-vibration free flight.

- Maintenance-free electric motor coupled with a low RPM prop ensures a quiet flying enjoyment.

- No maintenance, no cleaning, no carburetor adjustments.

- No smelly fuel and greasy oil.

- Possibility to fly in a wider range of sites and instantly improved relations with your neighbors, as your electric trike is so quiet!