Aeros Nanolight Trike Feedback 2018-01-26

We would like to share one of the many feedbacks from ANT happy owners.

Dear Aeros,

I want to take a few moments to express my thanks for your help with my Aeros ANT. I have flown hang-gliders for 43 years. I have always dreamed of flight, but could not afford general aviation. Hang-gliding has allowed me to fly; over 3,000 hours of airtime.

When Ultra-light aircraft first came around in the 1980's, I watched other people fly them, but was still unable to afford one of my own. I have waited and watched for an outstanding, affordable part 103, Ultralight Trike to be developed and Aeros has done it!

I have to admit, I was concerned about dealing with a business on the other side of the world, but Aeros and its US distributer, Chris Antoskow, have smoothed the process and provided the best customer service possible from across the oceans. I believe the Aeros ANT with the Combat T wing is the best Nano-light Trike currently available anywhere in the world and here's why I think so:

  1. The workmanship on both the trike and wing is some of the best I have ever seen Aeros products look as if they were built by high quality aircraft engineers. Aeros knows what its doing! This is also confirmed by my Austrian and German Hang-glider pilot friends, who have commented on the high quality of Aeros products.

  2. The ANT Trike is simple and well thought-out, but also has some very nice features, such as the ability to fold very, very small, as well as in-flight retractable landing gear, wheel-splashers, storage bags, etc; all nice things to have.

  3. The price is low enough to make it affordable for an average pilot. It is also economical to fly; I burn around one gallon of fuel per hour. It costs me less to fly my ANT from the local airport for a couple of hours, than to drive to the nearby mountain to hang-glide!

  4. It appeals to the average person; he can visualize himself flying something with the simplicity of the ANT under the part 103 regulations, as opposed to trying to handle the cost and complexity of a general aviation airplane; the ANT puts flight within the reach of a common person.

  5. While a hanger would be nice, it is not required. I store my ANT and wing in my garage and drive it to a local airport; trike in the back of my pick-up, folded and bagged wing on top of the trucks rack. The set-up is easy and takes me about 45 minutes, plus any time spent in preparing my radio, GPS, clothing, packing a sandwich, etc. Average time from parking my pick-up until take-off is usually about (1) hour.

  6. Aeros has proven to me that they will do what it takes to make sure their customers are satisfied. There are many difficulties in dealing in different languages, across borders and oceans, and this is probably the biggest challenge in dealing with the US market, but the US distributer, Chris Antoskow and Aeros (MaxymilianDrobyshev) have shown their commitment in providing good, positive customer service.

  7. Aeros has shown commitment in refining and creating a high quality, reliable product. Aeros is always striving to learn from any problems in order to improve their products. Aeros' openness and willingness to learn and improve leads to a great business culture. Thank you, Chris Antoskow and Aeros, for all your help and for making it possible for me to advance in my dream of flight.

Best Wishes and Great Flying,

Larry Fleming

Fresno, California