Lottery results 2018-01-31

The latest sportive achievements and especially excellent results on the World hang gliding championship inspire all of us to do our best to maintain Combat hang glider superiority. We heartily invite all pilots to join our team and transfer to Combat hang gliders!

In order to cheer up and encourage pilots, who decided to buy Combat, we made a special offer and a lottery draw of a 26 % discount. All the Combat C and Combat GT hang gliders that were ordered during August 1st – December 25th, 2017 took part in the lottery.

We congratulate the happy Combat owner, who won a 26 % discount for the ordered Combat hang glider:

Hang gliderCombat С 12.7
Serial number034.17
CustomerMisael Rosalez
DealerMiguel Molina
CountryPuerto Rico

Good luck on the competitions!