Combat GT, C promotion 2020-02-19

Dear pilots,

As you may already know, the annual opening of the season Aeros Winter Race competition (link) is cancelled due to the problems with obtaining an environmental permit to run the competition this year.
For our part, we decided to allocate the funds that we planned to use for sponsoring this competition to support pilots who are going to make their choice and buy a new competition hang glider this year.

Here is what we've came up with.
To those who order and pay for the new Aeros competition hang glider (Combat C or Combat GT) we will give out a voucher, which can be used to purchase any Aeros products later:
  • from February 19th, 2020 trough March 6th, 2020 voucher value will be 1000 EUR,
  • from March 7th, 2020 through March 20th, 2020 voucher value will be 500 EUR. (Extended until May 4th, 2020)

For instance, you can use your voucher to order a new harness when you need it, order a new sail or spare parts for your hang glider when the time comes, or buy any other Aeros' product.

We would like to limit the validity period of vouchers to 5 years.
Please, do not pass your voucher on to third parties, as it is your bonus, and we want you to use it.

Sincerely yours,